We are meticulously crafting a cutting-edge curriculum centered on artistic disciplines. Rooted in the DigCompEdu framework, our curriculum emphasizes the practical application of Augmented Reality (AR) in the arts, fostering a dynamic learning environment for educators and students alike.

Key Components of the Evolving Curriculum

Digital Competencies and Tools

Our curriculum equips educators with essential digital skills to navigate the ever-evolving educational landscape. By integrating these competencies, we aim to enhance both teaching and learning experiences.

AR in Art Education

We are exploring the transformative potential of AR to elevate artistic expression and create immersive learning experiences. AR technology allows students to engage with art in new and exciting ways, making learning more interactive and impactful.

Pilot Programs

We are establishing school art galleries where students and teachers collaborate to showcase their skills using AR technology. These galleries serve as pilot programs to test and refine our curriculum. Additionally, workshops with street artists will enrich the learning experience, providing hands-on opportunities to engage with contemporary art forms.

The Learning Journey: Training Workshops and Modules

Training Modules

Module 1: Community Platform Navigation

Participants will master the Mozilla Hub platform, our dedicated online learning environment, to effectively participate and collaborate within our vibrant Learning Community.

Module 2: Introduction to Digital Competencies

Educators will gain a comprehensive understanding of crucial digital competencies necessary for modern art education.

Modules 3-10: Crucial Digital Competencies in Focus
  • Digital Art Creation and Modification: Utilizing graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Artivive, educators will learn to manipulate images and create digital compositions.
  • Multimedia Integration in Art Education: Incorporating video tutorials and other multimedia resources to enhance digital art courses.
  • Virtual Collaboration and Exhibition: Collaborating with artists and schools worldwide on virtual art projects and exhibitions.
  • Digital Art Critique and Feedback: Using digital annotation tools to provide detailed feedback on student artwork, highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration: Leveraging AI tools like Canva to streamline the creation process, suggesting design elements, layouts, and color schemes.
  • Street Art: History, Techniques: Exploring the history, evolution, and techniques of street art.
  • Street Art Production: Learning how to establish contacts with artists and authorities to produce street art in urban spaces.
  • AR in Connection with Street Art: Discovering the intersection between augmented reality and street art.

Modules 11-12: General Digital Competencies
  • Organizational Communication: Coordinating meetings and sharing information through email and instant messaging.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Engaging in webinars and online courses focused on digital art tools and techniques.

Timeline and Implementation

Our training course, designed for completion within two months, is set to launch in February 2025. The curriculum is structured to allow participants to complete approximately two modules per week, ensuring a manageable workload and effective learning pace.

The School Art Gallery Project: A Catalyst for Artistic Transformation

By equipping educators with the necessary digital tools and fostering a collaborative online environment, the School Art Gallery Project is paving the way for a more engaging and impactful artistic learning experience across Europe. This project signifies a monumental leap forward in integrating cutting-edge technologies like AR into art education, empowering future generations of artists to express themselves in innovative ways.

Stay Updated

Please note that the curriculum is currently under revision and subject to change. We are committed to developing a comprehensive, engaging, and effective curriculum for integrating digital technologies into art instruction. Stay tuned for updates on the curriculum development process right here on our project website.